Woman of September

Woman of the month—September

The Danish prime minister—Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Bio: Helle Thorning-Schmidt was born in 1966, Rødovre, Denmark. Leader of Social Democratic Party of demark
Studied political science in the University of Copenhagen
Studied at the European colleges in Bruges

The key to the prime minister’s office in Demark was handed over to Thorning—the first female prime minister in Demark, ending the right-wing’s over 10 years rules. This history-written achievement made by Schmidt and her team introduced this great woman to the whole world. Additionally, her personal charisma makes her even more special.

Before being elected to the Danish Parliament in 2005, Mrs. Schmidt served as a member of European Parliament for Denmark from 1999 to 2004. As the new leader of Denmark’s social democratic party, she led the party through the 2005 and 2011 parliamentary election. Despite the defeat by the centre-right alliance in the 2005 parliamentary election, she was appointed as the Prime Minister of Denmark—the first female Prime Minister in Danish history.

Besides Mrs. Schmidt’s successful and remarkable political career, she enjoys a loving and eye-catching family life because her husband is also a big name. Mr. Stephen Kinnock, the son of Neil Kinnock who was former leader of British Labor Party and European Commissioner and Glenys Kinnock who was former British Minister for Europe, acted as the director of World Economic Forum in Davos and now the managing director of Global Leadership and Technology Exchange. Due to his work, he partly resided in Davos while Mr. Schmidt lived with their two daughters.

Though being a politician and head of a state and government might make her look serious and not easy to approach, she has her own style. She has an attractive appearance, tall and well-built. Then it was on the memorial service for the former President of South Africa, president Obama and British Prime Minister took selfies with her and it got a hit on the media press. Later she explained that politicians also could like making fun. She is showing her increasingly confidence and fine-tuned skills interacting with media.

Just wrapping up her four-day state visit to China at the invitation of President Xi, Mrs. Shmidt is heading back to Denmark with fruitful results that are believed to deepen the relations and partnership ties between the two countries. Tasting the hotdog and drinking beer that are two of Denmark’s exports, the female Prime Minster is bringing a different, unprecedented and attractive aroma to the connection between these two countries. This, of course, smells better than hotdogs and beer. A promising future of Denmark under the leadership of Helle Thorning-Schmidt is approaching.

—Becky Shen, official reporter/blogger of EV


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