Cry for due rights from the bottom of heart——the sleeping right

Cry for due rights from the bottom of heart——the sleeping right

People, especially men, who are still obviously gaining the upper hand in world affairs, always take delight in talking about women.  However, “women” in their talks are often discussed for pleasure in a joking manner lacking respect. As Charlotte Whitton, the former Mayor of Ottawa said, whatever women do, they have to do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. This is a strong point of view from a woman who once was able to hold a critical and top position in the political field. It strengthens the reality that women are not thought and seen equally. An additional reflection of this phenomenon is the Islamic law which, in my mind, is the enemy to Islamic women powerful enough to kill them and devil sprite evil enough to surround them by nightmares. Nonetheless, there is courage and power deep inside women just like men. They are brave enough to stand out and do what they want to do and demonstrate the spirit of women. This is what the Iranian women did lately.

Over a week ago, the tale that some Iranian women posted their photos in which they took off the headscarves landed on a number of front pages of newspaper online. Back to thirty-five years ago since the Islamic revolution, it has been illegal for women to leave the house without wearing the headscarf. Since then Islamic women have not exposed their faces in the sunlight. This brought an image of milk-chocolate bar in my head. Milk is wrapped up by chocolate and is not able to be seen until the second it is consumed. Similarly, as long as the Islamic women shed the headscarves, they are at the risk of being punished. But for what the Iranian women did recently just demonstrated the strong desire for freedom deep inside their heart is much more powerful than the law. The number of those brave females who uploaded their photos without the headscarves represented their longing for being a free woman and their courage to challenge the authority. Moreover, this is not limited to the Iranian women only but many others, both men and women. This is shown by the over 130,000 likes in just a week’s time since the dedicated Facebook page was set up. It is strong support for justice, for freedom, and to the greatest sense, support for women.

Oscar Wilde said that a man’s face is his autobiography while a woman’s face is her work of fiction. Men are simple but in no way can women be explained and understood thoroughly. You could read joy or sadness, mystic or indifference, or everything. But you never know whether you are right and end up with endless imagination and surmise. Taking another perspective, you’d find this is an interesting and beautiful part of life. As the headscarves are taken off, the Islamic women’s faces are revealed. It is just like a mystic story being unveiled. The moment the shinning sunlight projects on their faces, it is lighting up justice, hope, and freedom as well.

This is not solely a story of bravery for fighting against authority and resolution for seeking after freedom. The deed of these courageous women claims our respect and support.

This is a victory, for feminism, for justice, and for themselves.

For what the Iranian women did was breathtaking and deserved praises. Their desire for freedom is singing in the air, waking up the sleeping right.

Congratulations to the respectable women on shedding the hijab that keeps them from fresh air and warm sunlight and demonstrating the long-hidden smiles.

Hope this rewarding fight for better women’s rights continues and there’d be good news.

—By Becky Shen, official journalist/editor of Equal Voice Uottawa Chapter


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