Equal Voice on the SFUO

The University of Ottawa Chapter of Equal Voice is appalled to see the reports of derogatory sexual comments about an elected SFUO executive member.We are concerned that this behaviour discourages women from participating in politics.

At this juncture in Canadian politics, when more women leaders and Premiers, are getting elected than ever before– on campus, municipally, provincially and federally– we are particularly perplexed as to how a conversation like this can still occur.

We are outraged at these remarks and and we ask those who share our outrage to join us in our campaign, Be Her. Support Her. And Celebrate Her. The campaign is designed to renew the dialogue on our campus and across the country about how we can get more women elected and celebrated at every level.

We invite you to engage with us in this work at our upcoming campaign training event She Will Run on Saturday, March 8th. Together we can build a campus where Ms. Roy, her SFUO colleagues and future female leaders are supported and celebrated as leaders at the University of Ottawa.

The Executive Committee of the University of Ottawa Chapter of Equal Voice


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