Media Round Up: March 17-24

Ornge mess sullies Ontario Health Minister’s standing

Globe and Mail March 22nd 2012

This article discusses the difficult situation that Health Minister Deb Matthews finds herself in after the damning result of the Ornge Report. The article praises the work done by the embattled minister, but asks whether she can continue to be effective in the wake of the scandal. Check out this piece to keep up with one of Canada’s most effective female politicians, and to try to divine her future with the Ministry of Health.

As Christy Clark calls two by-elections, she looks ahead to 2013

Globe and Mail March 22nd 2012

This article describes Christy Clark’s attempt to bring the BC Liberals together in preparation for the 2013 race for Provincial Leadership. Clark’s premiership has coincided with a precipitous fall for the national Liberals, and the article asks whether she can hold it together and stave off a strong Conservative push. This article is worth a look because it shows a strong woman in Christy Clark, who is at the centre of a very important crisis on the Canadian political landscape.

The Achilles heel of women in politics

FT Magazine, March 23rd 2012

This thought provoking article discusses a compelling problem faced by many female politicians: image. The piece discusses the recent docu-drama “Game Change” which details the rise of Sarah Palin during the 2008 US Presidential race. The article describes the peculiar conditions that led the Republican party to select Palin, and the curious fascination with image over substance in politics. This thought provoking article will make you rethink your opinion on Sarah Palin, and possibly your opinion on the conduct of modern politics as a whole. Definitely worth a few minutes.

Lakritz: When women throw their own gender under the (bus) wheels

Montreal Gazette, March 20th 2012

This article addresses the recent bus controversy regarding Danielle Smith’s (leader of the far-right Wildrose party of Alberta) picture on the side of her campaign bus. The author essentially argues that people need to learn to take a joke, and that claims of sexism are overblown. The author uses the piece to castigate the media for their reckless sensationalism and attempt to create a mountain out of a political molehill.

On the Politics of Laughing at Women in Politics

The Paltry Sapien, March 20th 2012

This article addresses similar themes in bringing up the difficult subject of what kinds of jokes are appropriate for political discourse, especially when dealing with female candidates. The author tries to point out the intrinsically silly nature of North American politics and impart a little bit of perspective on those who claim the design is sexist. The topic is funny, topical, and well handled, and is worth a read, if only as a reminder to not take politics so seriously all the time.



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