Your turn to RUN!

It’s that time of year again… You have been with us all year, from Food for Thought, To Quota or Not to Quota?, 3rd Annual She Will Run! Workshops, smash success All-Party Party, and a film screening of Miss Representation with over 100 attendees!

Join us on Tuesday, April 3rd at 7PM (DMS3105) for our Annual General Meeting with an incredible guest speaker, Anita Vandenbeld, and to run for (or support a candidate) the Equal Voice uOttawa Executive 2012-2013! ANY uOttawa STUDENT can run for a position.

Before the elections, we will hear from and have a Q&A with Anita Vandenbeld, international expert on democratic development and women’s political participation.

Ms. Vandenbeld comes to us with great experience in Canadian politics at all levels and with political parties internationally. Most recently, she was Country Director for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she worked extensively with women in their last election. Check out her bio and see her on The Agenda!

Following the Q&A, all are welcome to run for any of the positions listed below. Each candidate will have a minute to say why s/he wants to be involved and what s/he would do in this position. Voting will be by secret ballot. If you run for a position and are not selected, you can run for another position.

Positions available (see below for descriptions):

–          President
–          Vice-President (VP) External
–          VP Internal
–          VP Finance
–          VP Communications
–          Member at Large (2)

All members of the EV uOttawa Executive and other volunteers work closely together on each project and event. Here are the general descriptions of each Executive position (also see our Constitution):

1. The President will:
a. Oversee the other members of the executive in fulfilling their responsibilities;
b. Chair all meetings, holding at least 4 EC meetings a semester;
c. Have signing authority for the club.

2. The Vice President- External:
a. Assist the President in her duties;
b. In charge of communications dealing with the club and the community outside of the University of Ottawa.
c. Manage or liaise with Experiences program;
d. Be the primary liaison with other Equal Voice chapters across Canada.

3. The Vice-President- Finance will:
a. Be responsible for overseeing all financial dealing of the club;
b. Keep complete records of all financial dealings of the club; and,
c. Have signing authority for the club.

4. The Vice-President- Internal will:
a. Assist the President in her duties;
b. Assume all powers of the President in her absence; and
c. Be responsible for recording minutes of all meetings;
d. Managing all club events, including room bookings and other logistical arrangements.

5. The Vice-President- Communications will:
a. Be responsible for all club marketing; including advertising, promotions, press releases;
b. Communicate club events with the membership;
c. Ensure that all club materials, marketing, publications, and promotion are
d. Maintain and monitor the website and other online communication tools.

If you are thinking about running or have any questions you want to discuss, please contact Lynne Lessard, VP External at

Also, check us out on Facebook and feel free to post questions there!

See you on April 3rd!


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