Media Round Up: March 1-9: International Women’s Day Edition!!

Gender apartheid cannot be justified in the name of religion

The Globe and Mail, March 8th 2012


This article discusses recent peace talks in Afghanistan where president Hamid Karzai is strongly considering scaling back women’s rights in an effort to appease the Taliban. The article discusses the unsustainability of a peace plan that excludes women, and questions the effectiveness of a government where the female parliamentarians are so routinely ignored. Have we really made much progress in the region? This article is a good read because it shows how important women’s political equality is as an international battle.


Few women in leadership roles in Toronto, study finds

The Globe and Mail, March 8th 2012


This article discusses the political and professional standing of women in Canada’s largest city, and draws out the serious disparity in female representation in the boardrooms of the most powerful corporations. According to the study, only 2 corporations have at least 40% women on their board of directors, while 38% have none at all. The situation is even worse for women in visible minority groups. The article is a good read because it shows that many of the elites in our country are still uncomfortable with women in power, which reinforces the need for female voices in the arenas of power.


International Women’s Day 2012 marks little progress worldwide in women’s health, education and political rights

Toronto Star, March 7th 2012


This article discusses worldwide statistics on women’s rights. It goes into health, safety, education, and politics, and paints a rather bleak picture of where gender equality stands today. The section on politics is interesting because it shows things we wouldn’t normally assume (Rwanda has the most women in parliament with 53%), and reiterates things that we probably know (Qatar has none). The article is neat to read because it allows you to situate Canada in terms of how we treat women, and shows how far we still have to go.–international-women-s-day-2012-marks-little-progress-worldwide-in-women-s-health-education-and-political-rights?bn=1


Women urged to enter N.B. politics

CBC News, March 3rd 2012


The Canadian Federation of Municipalities is mirroring the policies of Equal Voice in trying to get more women elected in the upcoming New Brunswick elections. The workshop is designed to give women the tools to run and the motivation to do so. In fact, the plan mirrors the work that Equal Voice does, and illustrates a groundswell of support for the type of work that we do. The article is a great read because it is an optimistic take on female political participation going forwards, and reiterates the value and efficacy of the Equal Voice mission.


Alberta election 2012: counting women candidates., March 2nd, 2012


Women in Alberta represent the majority, but political success has not followed demographic sway. This blog post discusses the number of female Candidates running in Alberta for each of the major parties. The NDP is leading the charge with 43% of it’s candidates being female, while the other parties struggle to boost their representation. The author turns the post into a call for action, and demands a more representative set of candidates for the upcoming election.


International Women’s Day infographics: women in Canadian politics and media

Vancouver Observer, March 8th 2012


Who doesn’t like infographs? You might not, after reading this. These infographics illustrate the immense gender disparity between men and women in Canadian political system. In colour, it illustrates that gender equality, while improving immensely over the last several parliaments, still has a long way to go to adequately reflect the makeup of the Canadian people. As bad as the content itself is, the infographs are an accessible and consumable means of understanding why Equal Voice does what it does. Check it out.


International Women’s Day Puts Spotlight on Ottawa

Green Party, March 8th 2012


While many of these articles have prodded at the steps that Canada needs to take to improve it’s level of gender equality, this piece by the Green party lays them all out quite simply and eloquently. While Equal Voice is a non-partisan organization, this particular piece is quite well written and reemphasizes the need for change. Laws are considered without enough female input, and this can lead to devastating situations that parliament, in it’s current state, is ill equipped to foresee or deal with. Whether or not you support the Green Party, this piece is an excellent read.


Study: Too Few Women In Politics

Voice of America, March 2nd 2012


This article discusses, in more detail, the political statistics for female participation all over the world. Once again, this is a topic that needs to be brought up because it allows us to see where Canada stands on the world stage, and illustrates some of the policies that might help us to improve. Paricularly well regarded by the author are regions like Northern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, which are among the best at representing women fairly. Check out this article for a more complete breakdown of the stastics associated with female representation on the international political level.


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