Media Round Up: February 22-29: SFUO Results Edition

SFUO Election Winners

The Fulcrum, February 17th 2012

This brief piece by The Fulcrum goes over the winners of the recent SFUO elections. Interested in finding out who won? Want to see how your preferred candidate did? Unable to find one of the thousands of paper copies on campus? This article might be for you.

Hudson wins VP Student Affairs Position

The Fulcrum, February 17th 2012

It’s official, Kate Hudson (no, not that one), has been elected VP of Student Affairs for the upcoming year. This article discusses her platform of broad-based communication, and her excitement in working with her new colleagues. Check out the article to get a little more information on Kate, and a little bit of information on what kinds of things we might see from the Student Affairs desk in the upcoming year. Congrats to Kate!

Kessler Wins VP University Affairs for Second Year

The Fulcrum, February 17th 2012

Liz Kessler has been announced as the winner of this year’s race for VP University Affairs, allowing her to stay on and continue the work she started this previous year. Kessler discusses her platform, which centers on improved affordability for the student populace, while also delving into her ambitions for the coming year (a student Bill of Rights). It sounds like she has a great grasp of what she wants to bring to the position, and we look forward to following her progress.

Anne-Marie Roy Claims VP Communications Position

The Fulcrum, February 17th 2012

Anne-Marie Roy, the third female elected in this race, has some great ideas to bring to the VP Communications position. She hopes to revamp the SFUO website, and work with clubs and campus organizations to develop an effective and substantial promotion regime. While her affiliated candidates were not able to take the President or VP Social Positions, she is excited to work with the new VP Social Jozef Spiteri, and President Ethan Plato. Good luck to Anne-Marie in the upcoming year.

Councillors leading the way for young women

Metro, February 23rd 2012

This article discusses recent funding by Human Resources Minister Rona Ambrose for The Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The program is designed to provide mentorship opportunities for women looking to get into politics. The position allows applicants to shadow city councillors and learn what it takes to become active and successful in the political arena. This program has many of the same goals as Equal Voice, and the government should be applauded for putting money towards such a worthwhile cause.–councillors-leading-the-way-for-young-women

Pelvic politics: the Republican attack on women

The Globe and Mail, February 23rd 2012

This stirring article discusses the recent timbre of the GOP leadership race in the States. The author feels that the debate has taken on a strikingly anti-feminist angle, and calls for women to stand up and fight against politicians who seem intent on rolling back their rights. The article is great because it speaks to an extremely important and troubling trend in Canada’s closest neighbour, and reaffirms the need for more female voices to be present at the table.

Rick Santorum has a women problem. But does Mitt Romney have a problem with men?

The Telegraph, February 26th 2012

 On a similar note, this piece calls for the recognition of a massive gender gap in the Republican primaries. According to the author, Romney has a massive lead among female voters (because of his more liberal social stance), but Santorum is almost equally dominant among male voters (who like his blue collar attitude). This is evident of a growing ideological schism within the party, and frames this primary as something of a battle for the soul of the GOP. While this doesn’t directly speak to the need for female candidates, it is certainly important to note the changing gender stance of one of the most important political organizations in the world.

 Women’s PAC formed following abortion legislation

Washington Post, February 27th 2012

 This article discusses a recently formed politican action committee made up of numerous female politicians and activists. The committee seeks to battle anti-abortion legislation that is curently being bandied about. This article shows that women can get involved in politics in more ways than just running, and illustrtates the importance of making your voice heard on the political stage. Check it out.

  Dearth of female political leaders major woe for India, activist says

Globe and Mail, February 29, 2012

 This article discusses a new program under way at the Coady Institute of St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. The program is designed to give women in the developing world an opportunity to learn the skills needed to run for office and effect political change in their home countries. Many of their home countries are not particularly happy with women in power, and this program seeks to change that by training the women on how to garner political support in a difficult environment.


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