Women and Politics Media Roundup – Week 2

A round-up of policies proposed by NDP leadership candidates
January 17th 2012

One of the biggest stories in Canadian politics these days is the NDP leadership race. Here at Equal Voice we are paying particularly close attention to a couple of ladies who are in the running for the top job in the official opposition. Between Niki Ashton and Peggy Nash, it is very possible that we might have a female in charge of the New Democrats before long. This story is a great resource because it breaks down where the candidates stand on lots of different issues, and links to their official statements. Take a look, and get informed about the policies proposed by Nash and Ashton, as well as the other hopefuls in the NDP leadership race.


NDP’s Ashton says out with the old, in with ‘new politics’
January 20th 2012

While the NDP is still on your mind, check out this CBC profile of Niki Ashton. She has some very interesting ideas for reforming the system, and wants to use her unique position (a young, female leadership candidate) to push for a new kind of politics. Though she is often panned for her perceived inexperience, the article shows that she has a great deal more experience than most candidates her age. The article does a great job of presenting her story, and shows that you’re never too young to be a role model.


Peggy Nash right choice to lead New Democrats

The other female candidate for NDP leadership, Peggy Nash is drawing even more support. In this article Bill Tieleman, a famous political pundit from Vancouver, discusses why he plans to support Peggy Nash, and why he feels her experience in previous negotiations will make her the perfect candidate to lead the NDP going forwards. The article is short, but does a great job of sketching out why Peggy is, and deserves to be one of the front-runners in the race.


NDP interim leader Nycole Turmel says MP pension reform should be handled by independent group
Toronto Star, Jan 25th , 2012

This article discusses a recent call by interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel to utilize an arm’s length committee to handle MP pension reform. Nycole is trying to stand up for Canadians by demanding that the government focus on their pension issues, rather than spending an inordinate amount of time working on reforms that will not affect most citizens. This article shows Turmel to be a clear headed, grounded political leader who hasn’t lost sight of the interests of the public. If you want a topical article that shows a female Canadian political leader making a difference, this would be a good place to start.


Nigerian Women Gather to Discuss the Role of Women in Politics
Women’s Democracy Network, January 23rd 2012

This recap from Women’s Democracy Network discusses a recent conference held in Lagos, Nigeria, designed to improve the political ambitions of women in the region. The article skews slightly towards discussing the minutiae of the event, but makes several excellent arguments for the necessity of women’s political equality worldwide. The article does an excellent job of showing how countries like Nigeria are seeking to improve the amount of female participation within their system, and reinforces the rhetoric of women’s equality movements everywhere.


South Carolina tries to break political “old boys network”
Reuters, January 23rd 2012
This article discusses a new program being run by Rutgers University that aims to change the political culture in targeted states by providing training to women. The program involves online training and conferences targeted at states (South Carolina particularly) that have low numbers of woman senators within their state senates. The program utilizes many of the same tools as Equal Voice, and reestablishes the efficacy of the program being run here in Canada.


Comment: Getting women into politics is about fixing the problem, not the numbers
Politics.co.uk, January 21st 2012

This eye opening opinion piece by Janice Atkinson-Small discusses the state of the women’s political equality movement, and questions the direction it is going. Janice is incisive and tough in her assertion that quotas and special provisions go against the spirit of equality by creating legally entrenched discrimination. Her argument is that the best way to get more women to run is to remove the barriers (both institutional and mental) placed in their way. Whether you agree or disagree with her, the article is a great read because it genuinely makes you think about the mission of organizations like Equal Voice, and about the state of women’s political equality in general.



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