To Quota or Not to Quota? Another successful EVuO event!

Last Thursday, on December 1st, Equal Voice uOttawa held its first “EV uOttawa Chat” with snacks, refreshments, and an interactive, bilingual discussion on women in politics. It was an educational and interesting event that gave students the opportunity to discuss an important topic in Canadian politics: “Should Canada introduce a quota system to ensure fair representation of women in Canadian parliament?”

The event was hosted by two invited guest speakers that graciously agreed to be at the discussion table: Dr. Manon Tremblay and Dr. Daniel Stockemer, both full-time professors for the department of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. Their ideas and concerns regarding the use of quotas in our Parliament were brought to the table. They raised interesting facts to consider when deciding whether the use of quotas is in fact a headstart to resolving the disparity of women’s representation found in Canadian parliament.

Students who attended the event were able to bring their opinions to the table, or to actively listen to others’ suggestions if they did not feel comfortable enough to openly voice their own ideas. At the event was delicious fresh-baked banana bread, kindly brought in by Alex Webb, and other snacks and refreshments that were available for everyone  throughout the hour and a half long event. Afterwards, EV members and others who attended the chat were able to mingle with one another and voice any further ideas they may have had.

Overall, the EV uOttawa Chat was yet another success for this political club on campus! Students and faculty members were able to engage in an informal conversation with each other and to learn more about women’s role in Canadian politics. Like all other EV events, it would not have been possible without the wonderful and enthusiastic Exec members and volunteers who work with Equal Voice throughout the year.

Special thanks to EV volunteers Amanda Burnett, Alex Webb, Jim Ratis and Paige Russell, who made important contributions to this event—it could not have happened without them!

Thank you to Paige Russell for writing this summary of  our great event! Stay tuned for our future events!

Men and women of different backgrounds sitting at a board table


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