Do You Write Like a Woman?

Erica van Wyndaarden, a Master’s student at the University of Ottawa, recently wrote an article for She discusses the impact of gender on one’s writing style and she looks at the generalizations made with regards to gendered success.

While Erica was applying to schools, it came to her attention that her letters of intent were using words that are predominately more “female” sounding. Once this was pointed out to her, she came to the conclusion that “what the world has defined as a success, or successful is defined on the basis of male traits, rather than female” .

Her article focuses on what women can do to better represent themselves in the workforce. She argues that women have placed certain limits on themselves that they may be unconscious of and that they should become more aware of them.

Here is a link to Erica’s article – it is very interesting, and definitely worth the read! She offers some great insight that will make you think twice about how you respond to certain situations in relation to gender: Do You Write like a Woman?



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