Food for Thought, co-hosted by EqualVoice uOttawa and Oxfam uOttawa

Special thanks to Equal Voice uOttawa volunteer Paige Russell for writing this post

EV President Mel Large makes a pledge to supporting equal rights for women all around the world
EV President Mel Large makes a pledge to support equal rights for women!
On October 13th, Equal Voice UOttawa and Oxfam uOttawa worked together
in hosting an event callled “Food for Thought”, inspired by World Food Day
and the complications in our current global food system. This event
focused of Oxfam’s GROW campaign, which has three main pillars: food,
women, and planet. These main topics were discussed in a thorough and
educational manner by three guest speakers that were kind enough to attend
our event.

The food pillar was presented by Lucy Sharratt, coordinator of the
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN). For the women pillar, a
speech was given by a UOttawa student, Leah Stuart-Sheppard. Last but not
least was the planet pillar, discussed by Courtney-Anne Craft, who has
been a part of Oxfam canada for many years now. All three of these women
gave extensive discussions about the importance of the global food system,
how it is both influenced and affected, and of course what it means for us
as a global community. There was an immense amount of knowledge shared by
these women which led to an opportunity for questions from the crowd.

Overall, the event had a great turnout and the night was filled with
intriquing discussions on the important topic of the global food system
and how it affects us both individually and as a community. With
delicious, vegan catering by Credible Edibles and fresh Bridgehead Coffee,
the event had a relaxed and intimate vibe. There were many chances for
students to mingle once the speakers had finished. The night ended with
fantastic and engaging performances by local musicians whom were friends
of some Oxfam and Equal Voice members. Special thanks to the Bytowne Project for their closing set! “Food for Thought” was an amazing
opportunity to become more aware of the issues with our food system, and
of course to meet new people and to try different things (including food)!


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