Argentine President Christina Fernandez is re-elected!

On Sunday October 23, 2011, Christina Fernandez, Argentinian president was re-elected by a landslide and regained control of Congress. Fernandez received 54% of the vote with a massive lead of 37 percentage points against her rival Hermes Binner. Her party won majority in both houses and won 8 of the 9 governorships in the election.

No Argentine leader had won such a big share of votes since male General Juan Domingo Peron in 1973.

Fernandez originally was looked down upon by farmers and middle-class voters, however, she is now seen as an important figure for taking on the role of helping Argentina to get back on its feet after the economic crisis in 2001-2002 that brought millions of the population into poverty.

Her goal is to change Argentinian society through their resources to raise incomes, create jobs, restore the country’s industrial capacity, reduce poverty, and maintain their economic boom.

Some people have criticized Fernandez’s approach to changing Argentinian society, however, since her and her husband Nestor Kirchner have been involved in the political spectrum of Argentina, the income gap between the country’s rich and poor has been reduced to nearly half. In addition, the IMF’s monetary numbers from 2002-2011 have said that Argentina’s GDP (Gross domestic Product) has grown 94%.


National Post: Christina Fernandez wins commanding re-election victory in Argentina


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