She Will Run – A Success!

Last Saturday, Equal Voice UOttawa hosted a day of workshops to help women prepare for being candidates and supporters in the coming campus elections.  Workshop participants were treated to five great workshops as well as opportunities to network with other involved young women.

First, we were given a special opportunity to hear from the SFUO’s Chief Electoral Officer Jason Benovoy about election rules and procedures. Then, we were treated to a fascinating session from Susan Fox, former campaign manager and worker for multiple candidates, including Anne McLellan.  Susan  discussed the behind the scenes aspects of a campaign, incorporating her own extensive experience. Third, SASS campus counselling conducted a workshop on time management, including strategies for using your time productively. Fourth, current SFUO VPs Amy Hammett and Paige Galette shared strategies for marketing yourself as well as dealing with gender-based criticism during the electoral campaign. Finally, Louisa Taylor of the Ottawa Citizen led a workshop on public speaking.  Participants were encouraged to present their potential speeches and offer meaningful critiques to each speaker.  This was also a great opportunity to have an experienced journalist provide advice on speaking clearly and enthusiastically.

Equal Voice UOttawa would like to thank all of the speakers and participants at this year’s She Will Run workshops. We would also like to wish the best of luck to all candidates!

The University of Ottawa will be hosting A Conversation with Nancy Peckford on February 8th at noon.  Nancy, the executive director for Equal Voice, will be sharing her leadership experiences as well as discussing the current situation of women in politics. The event is free and lunch is served but you must RSVP.

As a reminder, we host meetings every Wednesday at 7 pm in Cafe Alt.  We especially encourage participants in this year’s elections to attend. Although as a club we can not officially endorse or volunteer for a candidate, we can help connect you with volunteers and point you in the right direction to a variety of resources.


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