Welcome to Equal Voice in 2011!

It’s back to the grind for many University of Ottawa students, including your faithful executive. We’ve been occupied the last few weeks cooking up some great new events, including our marquee event, She Will Run!

She Will Run!

This is a day of workshops where women–potential candidates, campaign managers, or volunteers–are given the tools they need to be a part of the on-campus elections in February 2011! These sessions will also be useful to those who aren’t sure about becoming involved, or who just want to get a taste of what the elections are like. Even if you’re not yet sure about running, this is a great opportunity to network with other women at the university, familiarize yourself with the different elected positions, and gain new skills. Very useful for anyone who would like to help on a campaign or vote!

Check out the facebook event or the page on our blog for more information! Tickets are five dollars/pay what you can and can be reserved by emailing equalvoice.uottawa@gmail.com.

Drop In Meetings

A big success last semester, we are looking forward to continuing our meetings in 2011! They are on Wednesdays at 7PM in Cafe Alt. All are welcome! Come discuss politics, women, or just come hang out. This week we’ll be talking about She Will Run! and campus elections, so don’t miss it.

Looking forward to seeing you at our events this year!
And if you have any ideas on how we can make things better for you in 2011, please let us know!


Tell us what you think!

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