Reluctant Leaders

With dwindling support, BC Premier Gordon Campbell decided to step down about a month ago. Since then, there has been much speculation over who the next Premier will be and a number of potential women leaders have been mentioned.

According to an article “Often under siege, female politicians are reluctant leaders” in The Vancouver Sun, Carole Taylor, former Finance Minister, has said noDiane Watts, Mayor of Surrey, has said no.

Christy Clark, former Liberal MLA, Minister of Education, Minister of Children and Family Development, and Deputy Premier of B.C., has not yet said yes or no.

Christy was brought to my attention when I was invited to this Facebook group, a grassroots group (at 331 members) supporting her as the next Premier.

According to her website, as Minister of Education Christy “increased parental involvement, led the effort to end junk food

Education announcement in May 2003. Premier Gordon Campbell is on the right and then Education Minister Christy Clark is second to right.
sales in schools and introduced a fellowship to recognize excellence in teaching.”

As Minister of Children and Family Development “she delivered increased funding for childcare (and) was the first politician in BC to advocate tax credits for parents who enroll their children in sports, recreation and the arts.”

She was also the first Cabinet Minister to have a baby while serving, and retired from politics in 2005 to spend more time with her family.

While respectful of her decision and dedication to family, B.C. should hope that a woman of this caliber will take the wheel.

I look forward to seeing who it will be!

Please share your thoughts! Evidently, it can sometimes be hard to find women who are willing to take on such a big leadership role, even when actively recruiting. What do you think the main reason for this is? Are you from B.C.? Please share your thoughts on the women mentioned in this article!




PS  –  Mel and I went to the Canadian Study of Parliament Group‘s “Paths to Parliament” conference today – a great day of speakers and discussion on representative government. The Hon. Sheila Copps, former Deputy Prime Minister (and Nobody’s Baby) gave a fantastic keynote address! Click here to see the day’s agenda.



One thought on “Reluctant Leaders

  1. When I was the Mayor of Lytton, BC and the Goldtrail School District School Board defrauded the Province of millions of dollars implementing a faulty distance education progam, our Village of Lytton Council had a huge concern for children’s education caused by the impact of the School Board being required to pay the money back . We passed a resolution asking the Minister(Christy) to fire the School Board and replace it with an Administrator. This was supported by other Municipal Councils and Christy acted on our advice. Christy Clark demonstrated to me that she was prepared to listen to the voices of local government in determining what was best for our communities. This would not have been an easy course for her to follow, but she stayed the course and the outcome was a rededication to student achievement instead of the self-aggrandizement of a superintendent and the School Board members. Thank-you Ms. Clark

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