Happy Persons Day! 3 great events to celebrate the right to vote!

Well, I’m a day late but the importance isn’t lost, that’s for sure. October 18th is the 81st anniversary of the Persons Case, a famous case in which the Famous Five (they have a statue on Parliament Hill) worked to improve conditions for women and were instrumental in guaranteeing us the vote.

Special thanks to Lynne Lessard for researching (and writing most of) this content!

Did you know? Until 81 years ago today, women were considered “non-persons” under Canadian law!

“In fact, British Common Law stated they were ‘persons in the matter of pains and penalties, but not in the matter of rights and privileges.'”

Thinking of the Famous Five, and of all of the women and men who have fought (and …are still fighting) for equal rights – and of how excited I am to exercise my right to vote in Ottawa on October 25th!

Aujourd’hui nous célébrons 81 ans de reconnaissance des femmes telles que “personnes” d’après la loi canadienne – grâce à ‘l’affaire personne’!

Nous pensons aux Célèbres cinq et à toutes les femmes et les hommes qui ont manifesté afin d’assurer des droits universels, tel que le droit de vote!

We have THREE great events this week promoting women in politics and our right to vote!

FIRST. Tonight there is an event held by Equal Voice National with MPs and Senators at Hys Steakhouse.Its a Day to “Elevate the Debate“! Charlotte Burchett, Melissa Bonga and myself are all attending and we will let you know what it is like!

THEN. Tomorrow is “Making Women Count/ Tenir Compte des femmes”, a mayoral debate on women’s issues/un débat des candidats à la mairie à propos des problèmes face aux femmes.

Equal Voice will be meeting at the Tabaret steps at 6pm to head over to City Hall. The debate starts at 6:30 so we want to arrive early! RSVP here or we’ll see you there!

FINALLY. On Thursday, Equal Voice uOttawa has reserved seats for anyone interested in joining Equal Voice uOttawa at the Ottawa Centre “Open Mike” with Michael Ignatieff event this Thursday, October 21st at 6:30pm.

We’ll be leaving from the steps of Tabaret Hall at 5:45pm – bring your bus pass! Feel free to comment for details.

Here’s hoping to see you at these events and more is coming in the future I promise!


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