Interesting reads and two events you should join us for…

I had a long post written about the Globe and Mail’s special women in power series but, alas, I managed to leave it behind on my work computer.  So instead I would like to leave you a roundup of some interesting stories from this week and some awesome events you should attend in the near future.

Globe and Mail’s weekly feature Women in Power has video, quotes and commentary from female politicians, business leaders and Equal Voice executive director Nancy Peckford.

Equal Voice has launched a brand new website for youth.  Check it out and feel free to recommend subjects for the blog.

Krystal Ball is running for Congress in Virginia.  Recently, sexual photos of her were dug up and posted online.  This was her response.  It is quite a manifesto about how political women are treated in comparison to their male colleagues.

The Global Gender Gap Report for 2010 has been released. Canada is ranked in 20th place.

Quotas are helping women gain political power in India.

Equal Voice will be hosting an event on Tuesday, October 19th from 5 -7 pm.  This “Day to Elevate the Debate”, encouraging MPs and Senators to commemorate Persons Day by being “tough but not rough”.  All the details are here.

Our own club will be attending the Mayoral Debate this Wednesday.  Meet us at the Tabaret steps at 6:00 pm to travel to city hall for the debate, “Making Women Count”.  Check out our facebook page for more info.


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