Upcoming Events at uOttawa

Two events have come to my attention that may be of interest to some of our readers/members/followers. While I know that you will all be at the Equal Voice uOttawa’s All Party Party tomorrow night at 9pm in 1848, why not check this event out on Wednesday afternoon? Désolé que cette évènement est offerte seulement en Anglais

The Time Higher Education World Rankings 2010 considers that Princeton University is the 5th best university in the world.
Did you know that Princeton’s President is a woman?
Did you know that Princeton’s President is a Canadian?
Meet her this coming Wednesday, September 29, 2010, in Tabaret Hall.
Visit the Registration and details.

And next week, I invite you to go to this event:

Her Excellency, Michelle Bachelet, former president of Chile and recipient of the Reporters Without Borders–Radio Canada Award for Women of Courage 2010, will be visiting the University of Ottawa, where she will deliver a lecture as part of the Women and Leadership lecture series. In addition, she will receive an honorary doctorate from the University during a special convocation ceremony.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Noon to 1:30 p.m. Tabaret Hall, room 112
$10 for students

RSVP online by September 30, 2010.


Son Excellence Michelle Bachelet, ancienne présidente du Chili et lauréate du Prix international du courage au féminin de Reporters sans frontières et Radio-Canada 2010, sera de passage à l’Université d’Ottawa, où elle prononcera une allocution dans le cadre des conférences Les femmes et le leadership. De plus, l’Université lui conférera le grade de Docteure de l’Université lors d’une collation des grades spéciale.

Le mardi 5 octobre 2010 de 12 h à 13 h 30 Pavillon Tabaret, pièce 112
10 $ pour les étudiants

RSVP en ligne d’ici le 30 septembre 2010 (présences seulement).


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